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dallas downtown image Mapped tornado damage paths from Oklahoma are moved from Oklahoma to North Central Texas -- maintaining their relative orientation and positioning. Regional appraisal, land use, demographic, employment, structure, occupancy and traffic modeling data are merged into a Geographic Information System (GIS) data set upon which the tornado paths are overlaid. The final data set features an extensive blend of detailed densities, values, wind damage contours, parcels, and vehicle densities to provide small-scale area descriptions. The data set reflects a snapshot of true activity in the impact areas, reflecting the demographic and development characteristics particular to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Tornado Path Coordinate Shift
Tornado paths from Oklahoma are shifted to the south in the computer environment and placed atop the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The paths maintain their trajectory, size, and damage contours as experienced in Oklahoma. The goal is to provide an assessment that notes how tornadoes truly change their width, direction, and intensity over time.

Tornado Path Profiles
Tornado paths are mapped with damage contours as surveyed in Oklahoma. These contours identify zones where structural damage was consistent to a particular magnitude. Potential damages for the Metroplex are calculated by laying these same contours atop North Texas data and analyzing the statistical profile of urban data within the path.
Regional Database

  • Number of Structures
  • Structure Value
  • Land Use Category
  • Major Employers
  • Total Employment
  • Total Residents
  • Household Sizes
  • Residential Occupancy Rates
  • Traffic
  • Roadway Capacity
  • Roadway Miles
Potential Damages
Given the likelihood that structures in North Texas would behave similarly to those in Oklahoma, a particular percentage loss would be expected based upon which contour they were in. Appraisal data provides a means to associate a reputable value with each structure.
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