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Livability and Transportation: Green Initiatives

A Green Street in Portland, ORThe North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) promotes Green Initiatives which include the planning and construction of green or sustainable infrastructure in the region to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions, Urban Heat Islands, and stormwater runoff. The use of green infrastructure components and techniques can increase sustainable connectivity between compatible land uses and reduce the ecological footprint of development in the region.

When Developing Green Initiatives, Communities Can:

  • Evaluate the civic and environmental impact of infrastructure projects/components
  • Consider long term cost effectiveness of Infrastructure Components

Green Initiatives Can:

  • Reduce or help mitigate environmental degradation often caused by traditional public infrastructure
  • Promote green building materials and construction practices, and energy efficient architecture
  • Reduce carbon emissions/ regional carbon footprint


Green Infrastructure Resource Guide

NCTCOG completed a guidebook in 2017 to aid professionals in assessing choices for integrating green infrastructure practices into various transportation projects such as roadways, sidewalks, parking facilities, and trail projects. The guidebook provides costs and benefits of these green practices, local case studies, and key information related to long-term cost effectiveness, community improvement, and environmental impacts.  The following topics are covered in the Guidebook:


  • Energy-efficient LED and solar lighting
  • Green stormwater infrastructure elements such as permeable pavement and bio-retention
  • Green trail materials and “cool” pavements
  • Recycled materials in roadways and trails
  • Urban forestry and native plants

Green Infrastructure Guide Book Cover 
View the Green Infrastructure Resource Guidebook (May 2017)

View the Green Infrastructure Brochure



Local Examples:

NCTCOG has funded a number of infrastructure projects through the Sustainable
Development Funding Program that utilize green infrastructure components or strategies.
Below are some examples:


The Green at College Park – Arlington College Town, Arlington, Texas

Located adjacent to the University of Texas at Arlington campus on Mitchell Street and Center Street.

Green Infrastructure Elements:

  • Permeable Pavement on walkways
  • Bio-retention drainage area planted with native vegetation to
    reduce storm water runoff, filter pollutants
  • Paving materials have a Solar Reflection Index (SRI) of 29
    or greater to reduce the heat island effect
  • Shade trees to reduce the heat island effect
Greenscaping at UT Arlington, TX
Image of Thomasson Sq., Mesquite TX

Thomasson Square, Mesquite, Texas
(under construction Spring 2017)

Located on Gus Thomasson Road

 Green Infrastructure:

  • Bio-swales with native vegetation in the median
    of the roadway to help drainage and filter runoff
  • Bio-retention area between roadway and sidewalks for
    additional drainage and pedestrian safety
  • Shade trees to reduce the heat island effect


Additional Green Initiative Topics

Click here to visit NCTCOG’s Air Quality Program page for additional green initiative topics.

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