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School Siting

Aerial diagram of school locations

School Siting: The process by which a decision will be made on where to locate schools– either by
building a new school or closing an existing school (consolidation) – and the layout of the school site.


School facilities and their related infrastructure have significant, long-term impacts on transportation patterns and roadway service demands, the environment, housing development and prices, public health, and community cohesion. Schools that are distant from the populations they serve necessarily result in increased traffic congestion and paved surfaces, and associated air and water quality concerns. If local governments and schools coordinate their plans, opportunities arise for both to reduce costs by locating schools near existing infrastructure, creating joint uses, and identifying opportunities to reinvest in urban assets.


As the region’s planning agency, NCTCOG is uniquely positioned to bring together these distinct public entities.


Projects and Reports

Planning for Community-Oriented School: A Guide to School Siting in North Texas

Building upon past efforts, this Guidebook is intended to provide school districts and local governments in North Texas with steps that they can take to better align their respective planning practices, build community-oriented schools, and achieve multiple community goals—including educational, environmental, health, social, and fiscal.


Review of State Legislation and Policies Related to School Siting Requirements
May 2016


Land Banking Programs and Best Practices Research
May 2016

Coordinating Demographic Projections
May 2016

School Siting White PaperStrategies for Effective School Facilities Planning in McKinney, Texas

December 2012


Following a 2011 workshop, NCTCOG coordinated with the City of McKinney and McKinney ISD on a 2012 pilot project to develop a white paper on school siting topics. The paper outlines some of the prevailing issues related to school siting at both the national and local levels, and includes a series of recommendations to promote coordinated planning and effective school siting practices. The paper is intended as a resource to identify and address the obstacles associated with school siting not only in the City of McKinney, but in other areas throughout the North Central Texas region.

For additional resources related to school siting, click here

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