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Fort Worth

Blue Zones Safe Routes to School Master Plan



Throughout the development of the Safe Routes to School Master Plan, NCTCOG staff have assisted the Workgroup’s efforts by providing examples of best practices, and providing technical assistance by mapping the criteria for selecting pilot schools, including sidewalk density and bicycle and pedestrian crashes around schools.


  • Maps of Pilot School Selection Criteria





School Siting White Paper: Strategies for Effective School Facilities Planning

December 2012


Following a 2011 workshop, NCTCOG coordinated with the City of McKinney and McKinney ISD on a 2012 pilot project to develop a white paper on school siting topics. The paper outlines some of the prevailing issues related to school siting at both the national and local levels, and includes a series of recommendations to promote coordinated planning and effective school siting practices. The paper is intended as a resource to identify and address the obstacles associated with school siting not only in the City of McKinney, but in other areas throughout the North Central Texas region.





Presentation to a Joint Meeting of the Denton City Council and Denton ISD

March 5, 2012


During a Joint meeting of the Board of Trustees of Denton ISD and the City of Denton City Council, NCTCOG staff delivered a presentation on school siting and transportation coordination. Following the meeting, the City of Denton and Denton ISD worked with NCTCOG on the following topics: identifying engineering projects near school sites to improve safety and access between neighborhoods and schools, assembling bicycle and pedestrian safety and outreach materials for students, mapping out upcoming roadway construction projects within the ISD’s jurisdiction, and coordinating Safe Routes to School application materials. As a result of the March 5th meeting, the City and Denton ISD submitted a request to the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) to install sidewalks near two elementary schools.


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