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Transit-Oriented Development

transit oriented development

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Implementation Group

Projects recommended for placement in this category share similar characteristics and needs with other proposed projects.  Funding allocated to the TOD Implementation Group is intended to support a regional effort to analyze, market, and implement TOD.  NCTCOG staff plans to meet with public sector sponsors to further evaluate each project’s specific needs with regard to the successful implementation of TOD.  FWTAOD Implementation Group includes a mix of infrastructure, planning, and landbanking projects. Examples of planning assistance under the TOD Implementation Group include:  local housing market analysis, commercial uses market analysis, station area development/access capital plan, TIF/PID assessment, development code recommendations, and urban design guidelines.

TOD Implementation Group Projects that qualify for planning assistance.

TOD Plan of Action
In an effort to develop work scopes for the TOD Implementation Group projects, NCTCOG staff has categorized certain tasks associated with TOD Implementation as follows:

               Broad Education Programs

  •   TOD Education Events
  •   NCTCOG Outreach Events
  •   Regional TOD Presentations to Local Governments

Site Specific Background Planning Assistance/Research

Site Specific Community Visioning Events

  •   Charrettes
  •   Public Meetings
  •   Walking Tours

TOD Implementation Group Past and Current Projects

Polytechnic/Wesleyan Urban Village

Entrance to Polytechnic/TWU
   Entrance to Polytechnic/Texas Wesleyan University

Planning assistance was provided to the City of Fort Worth who was partners with Polytechnic/Texas Wesleyan University to provide a Housing Market Analysis and a Transit Contingency Planning Analysis of the Polytechnic/Wesleyan Urban Village Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) area, which is defined as the area within a half mile radius of the Texas Wesleyan University main campus located at 1201 Wesleyan Street in Fort Worth, TX.

Polytechnic-Wesleyan Urban Village TOD Area Planning Assistance Report

Deep Ellum TOD Project

Themes from the Deep Ellum Stakeholder Survey
Preliminary NCTCOG Conclusions on the Deep Ellum TOD project

City of Colleyville

Current railroad crossing
   Current railroad crossing

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) is developing plans for a rail line in the Southwest-to-Northeast Rail Corridor across Tarrant County. The planned commuter route has a proposed station in the City of Colleyville at John McCain. NCTCOG staff presented to the City of Colleyville Commuter Rail Committee on September 22, 2008 on topics related to rail. The topics of interest to the committee included impacts and benefits of having a rail station in Colleyville, nearby traffic congestion, air quality impacts and transit oriented development.


Conceptual railroad crossing
   Conceptual railroad crossing

City of Joshua

The Cleburne Corridor is a part of the Rail North Texas initiative. The planned commuter rail has a proposed station in the City of Joshua. Planning assistance included 3D visualization and a presentation to the City of Joshua Planning and Zoning Board. The simulation video illustrates how mix use would look like with the existing buildings.

Simulation Video [AVI, 161MB]

City of Grand Prairie

Current store fronts on Main St.
   Current store fronts on Main St.

Commuter rail is being considered for future operation along the Union Pacific Mainline. Planning assistance is underway to provide site options and considerations, an audit of existing conditions, a zoning analysis, and design guidelines and pedestrian connectivity recommendations for sites in the City of Grand Prairie along the railway. Three sites will be identified and data will be gathered for ½ mile buffer around each site.

City of Grand Prairie TOD Planning Report [8 MB]

City of North Richland Hills

Iron Horse Proposed Station
   Iron Horse Proposed Station
Smithfield Proposed Station
   Smithfield Proposed Station

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) is currently planning the Southwest-to-Northeast commuter rail that will run along portions of the Fort Worth and Western Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit owned Cotton Belt railroad lines. The commuter rail has two stations planned in the City of North Richland Hills, Iron Horse and Smithfield. Planning assistance includes an overview of the existing transportation and recommendations of initiatives to pursue to bridge the current and future transportation conditions.


City of North Richland Hills Transportation Network Overview

City of Dallas Lancaster Corridor

Planning assistance will be provided for four stations along the DART Blue Line also known as the Lancaster Corridor. The four stations include Illinois, Kiest, VA Hospital, and Ledbetter. Assistance will include a TOD audit of existing conditions and zoning analysis, demographic data review, designs and standards guidelines, land use analysis, commercial and housing assessment, and corridor connection recommendations. Data will be collected for ¼ to ½ mile buffer around each station.

City of Dallas Lancaster Corridor Report [8 MB]

Blue Line Rail System


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