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Mobility 2035:  The Metropolitan Transportation Plan - Sustainable Development Chapter

Mobility Plan 2035

The mission of the Mobility 2035:  Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Mobility Plan 2035)
is to accommodate the mobility needs of a growing region by providing access to and connections between diverse modes of transportation, all of which can help to improve
air quality.  Encouraging livable communities which support sustainability and economic
vitality is a specific goal of Mobility 2035 because of the interconnections between land
use, transportation, economy, environmental quality, and livability. 

Mobility 2035 supports the following Sustainable Development policies:

SD3-001: Support mixed-use, infill, and transit-oriented developments that utilize
system capacity, reduce vehicle miles of travel, and improve air quality through improved
rail mobility and access management.

SD3-002: Promote livable communities that offer safe, reliable, and economical
transportation choices; contain equitable and affordable housing; and enhance economic competitiveness which support the HUD-DOT-EPA Interagency Partnership Principles of Livability.

SD3-003: Plan and implement multimodal transportation options that connect and
complement a variety of land uses while serving diverse demographic groups.

SD3-004: Encourage sustainability through a cooperative process of preservation, integration, and development of land which support healthy transitions between ranges of development possibilities from natural areas to the urban core.

View Mobility 2035 Plan, Sustainable Development Chapter
(Adobe PDF Page 24 of the Operational Efficiency Chapter)

View the entire Mobility 2035: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

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