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2001 Land Use and Transportation Joint Venture Projects

Sustainable Development
Call for Projects


Sustainable Development
Call for Projects

September 25, 2013

Infrastructure Projects

Planning Projects

Landbanking Projects

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Land Use and
Transportation Planning
Sustainable Development
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About the Sustainable Development Funding Program

The NCTCOG’s Sustainable Development Funding Program was created by its policy body, the Regional Transportation Council (RTC), to encourage public/private partnerships that positively enhance existing transportation system capacity, rail access, air quality concerns, and mixed land uses. By allocating transportation funds to land use projects promoting alternative transportation modes or reduced automobile use, NCTCOG and its regional partners are working to address escalating air quality, congestion, and quality of life issues.

The program is designed to encourage planning and foster growth and development in and around historic downtowns and Main Streets, infill areas, and along passenger rail lines and at stations. Three Calls for Projects were conducted in 2001, 2006, and 2010 to fund Sustainable Infrastructure, Landbanking, and Planning projects. Sustainable Development projects of approximately $124 million were selected for funding through the program, with additional local match contributions of $31 million from local governments and the private sector.


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