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Mobility 2035:  The Metropolitan Transportation Plan - Active Transportation

Bicycling and walking are legitimate forms of transportation that have the potential to positively impact the region by shifting travel modes resulting in reduced congestion and improved air quality and public health.

The mission of   Mobility 2035:   The Metropolitan Transportation Plan for North Central Texas (Mobility 2035) is to accommodate the mobility needs of a growing region by providing access to and connections between diverse modes of transportation, all of which can help to improve air quality. Encouraging livable communities which support sustainability and economic vitality is a specific goal of Mobility 2035 because of the interconnections between land use, transportation, economy, environmental quality, and livability.

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Active Transportation at a Glance

Active travel is an important element in the regional transportation system. The following goals form the cornerstone of the active transportation recommendations, and were developed in coordination with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and various stakeholders throughout the region. The policies, programs, and projects identified in this section aim to realize these goals for the region.

Increase accommodation and planning for active transportation.
Promote the integration of complete streets, context sensitive solutions, and other relevant initiatives into roadway planning, design, implementation, and maintenance policies so that all roadways safely accommodate all users including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, children, older individuals, disabled individuals, and motorists.

Improve safety and mobility for active transportation.
Improve safety for active travel by increasing education and training opportunities for cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and professionals who are designing and implementing roadway facilities, implementing safety infrastructure projects, and by promoting enforcement of traffic laws to reduce bicycle and pedestrian-related conflicts.

Increase active travel in the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ region as an alternative to motor vehicle trips.
Increase active travel for all trip purposes through consistent support of programs and infrastructure projects.

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