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Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Information

bicyclistsBicycle and pedestrian crash information is collected and analyzed using a GIS-based system for the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region. The system helps identify motor vehicle crash hot spots involving pedestrians and bicyclists. This system incorporates crash data received from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Crash Records Information System (CRIS). Thematic maps displaying both location and density of crash incidents provide a visual representation of the available data.

Data collected from TxDOT’s CRIS was used to display “Reportable Crashes” that occur or originate on a traffic way which result in injury or death of any person, or damage to the property of any person to the apparent extent of $1,000. The points displaying crash sites were derived from crash reports containing latitude and longitude information, therefore additional crashes may have occurred. Maps identifying density of crashes utilize a low to very high density scale with yellow symbolizing lower concentrations of crashes and blue symbolizing higher concentration. Density concentration is calculated as a magnitude per unit area from crash point features and is based on each county’s geography.  

All TxDOT disclaimers apply for the use of this data (Disclaimer)

2012 - 2016 Crash Maps by County for the DFW Region:

Urbanized Area

Urbanized Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Density (2012 - 2016)


Collin County

Dallas County

Denton County

Outside Counties

Tarrant County

2012 - 2016 Crash Data Available to View in Google Earth:

Bicycle and pedestrian crash information displayed on the county maps can be downloaded and viewed in Google earth.  Download interactive KML file maps for Google Earth™.   A “Quick User Guide” is available to assist with using the KML files. 

Don't have Google Earth?
Download Google Earth™ from and install it using their instructions.

For questions or additional information, please contact Kevin Kokes or (817) 695-9275.

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