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Active Transportation

Pedestrians and Bicyclists    
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Useful Links and Information
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Bike Web
Links to Regional Bicycle and Trails Information

Regional Trails and Bikeways
Existing, Funded and Planned Off-Street
Paths (Trails) and
On-Street Bikeways

Active Transportation Planning Projects Active Transportation
Routes to Rail

Regional Bicycle-Pedestrian Traffic Monitoring Program

Funding Opportunities and Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Safety and Education

Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Information

Trails and Bikeway Master Plan Template

Design Guidelines and Resources

Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community and University

About the Active Transportation Program

Bicycle and pedestrian modes of travel are recognized nation-wide as cost-efficient ways to address mobility and air quality concerns while improving physical health and quality of life. The passage of the 1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act prompted NCTCOG to include non-motorized transportation network improvements in regional planning efforts. NCTCOG established the Bicycle and Pedestrian program in 1992 to address the various activities related to implementing bicycle and pedestrian facilities as an alternative mode of regional transportation.

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Bicycle Opinion Survey

2040 Mobility Plan:
Active Transportation

Bike to Work

Economic Benefits
FHWA Interim Approval of Bicycle Box
FHWA Interim Approval of Colored Pavement for Bike Lanes
FHWA Interim Approval of Bicycle Signal Face
FHWA Interim Approval

Healthy Initiatives

Oncor Trail Guidelines



FHWA Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide (May 2015) 99 MB


TxDOT Bicycle Web Page


Combine your Walking and Biking Commute with our Regional Transit Options

Dallas Area
Rapid Transit

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Fort Worth
Transportation Authority

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Denton County
Transportation Authority






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