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Sustainable Development

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Active Transportation: Bicycle and Pedestrian

Program, Events, Maps

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Sustainable Development Funding Program
Funding, Calls for Projects

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Planning Projects
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Land Use and
Transportation Planning

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Community Schools and Transportation

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Green Initiatives
Funding Opportunities
Healthy Initiatives

About Sustainable Development

Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the
present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This multidisciplinary focus integrates environmental, economic, and social development policies.

Among the key components of sustainable development are consideration of the interface between land use and transportation, planning for bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation, and transit oriented development.

Fort Worth Sundace Square as an example of sustainable development


Sustainable Development Contact Information (Click Here)


Karla Weaver, AICP, Senior Program Manager
Kevin Kokes, AICP, Principal Transportation Planner
Shawn Conrad, Senior Transportation Planner
Jessica Scott, Planner II
Travis Liska, Transportation Planner III
Gabriel Ortiz, Transportation Planner II
Aliasghar Rahimioun, Intern
Mario Rojo, Transportation Planner II
Kathryn Rush, Transportation Planner II
Daniel Snyder, Transportation Planner II
Barbara Walsh, Senior Administrative Assistant
Monica Yesildirek, Intern

To Contact our Offices, Please Call: 817-695-9240

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