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The development of transportation projects, particularly regional projects, has become increasingly multi-faceted over the years in response to extensive region-wide commuter travel, more stringent environmental policies, and new public/private funding partnerships. The purpose of the Streamlined Project Delivery is to assist transportation agencies and the Regional Transportation Council advance critical regional projects through project development and move them to construction as soon as possible. Working in close partnership with the region’s transportation agencies and their respective staff, this team helps reinforce regional efforts by providing additional resources to develop and support projects and procedures to get these urgent transportation projects built sooner.

Projects the team is currently working on include:

Tom Shelton, Senior Program Manager
Chris Anderson, Program Manager
Kevin Feldt, Program Manager
Jeff Neal, Program Manager
Sandy Wesch, Project Engineer
Rebekah Karasko, Senior Transportation Planner
Jacob Asplund, Transportation Planner III
Nahan Drozd, Transportation Planner III





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