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Travel Model Development Program Area

The responsibilities of the Travel Model Development program area include the development and maintenance of the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Travel Model (DFWRTM)and the advancement and implementation of model improvements.  This program area also supports the use of DFWRTM by local governments through providing the model, documentation, and limited training.  FWTAravel Model Development Group is in the process of developing a work plan to support the use of microscopic traffic simulation for project-specific and sub-area analyses within the DFWRTM coverage area.



  • Arash Mirzaei,P.E., Senior Program Manager (Lead)
  • Kathleen Yu, Senior Transportation System Modeler
  • Francisco Torres, Principal Transportation Engineer
  • Hua Yang, P.E., Senior Transportation System Modeler
  • Zhen Ding, Transportation System Modeler II
  • Hong Zheng, Transportation System Modeler I
  • Cecile Grady, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Dan Kessler, Assistant Director of Transportation

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