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Air Quality Management and Operations

car repairThe Air Quality Management and Operations program area focuses on creating aggressive on-road and non-road mobile emission reduction programs and policies. One of the most notable programs is the AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine Program. This team supports the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) goal of attaining the Environmental Protection Agency’s ambient air quality standard for ozone as early as possible, to protect public health and ensure a great quality of life for all residents in North Central Texas. Efforts consider existing and/or new air quality control strategies.


  • Chris Klaus, Senior Program Manager
  • Lori Clark, Program Manager
  • Dora Kelly, Air Quality Operations Administrator
  • Jason Brown, Principal Air Quality Planner
  • Jenny Narvaez, Principal Air Quality Planner
  • DJ Hale, Risk & Compliance Coordinator
  • Darshan Patel, Air Quality Operations Coordinator
  • Robby Sprosty, Air Quality Operations Coordinator
  • Alexis Ackel, Air Quality Planner
  • Shawn Dintino, Transportation Planner
  • Huong Duong, Air Quality Planner
  • Amy Hodges, Air Quality Planner
  • Nancy Luong, Air Quality Planner
  • Bailey Muller, Air Quality Planner
  • Kristina Ronneberg, Air Quality Planner
  • Juan Barron-Luna, Air Quality Operations Analyst
  • Jackson Enberg, Air Quality Operations Analyst
  • Anthony Moffa, Air Quality Operations Analyst
  • Trey Pope, Air Quality Operations Analyst
  • Norma Zuniga, Air Quality Operations Analyst
  • Lorena Carrillo, Air Quality Operations Service Assistant
  • Nathan Dover, Air Quality Operations Service Assistant
  • Cecilia Howard, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Laura Person, Administrative Assistant
  • Kimberly Wilder, Administrative Assistant

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