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Texas Metropolitan Mobility Plan (TMMP)

Texas Moetropolitan Moblility Plan CoverFWTAexas Metropolitan Mobility Plan (TMMP) addresses a statewide initiative to quantify long-range needs within the larger metropolitan areas of the state and to develop a shorter-range prioritized listing of projects aimed at improving mobility, reducing traffic congestion, and mitigating air quality impacts. This plan will serve as a comprehensive, multimodal blueprint for transportation systems and services within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. Unlike the region's long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Mobility 2035 - 2013 Update), it is not constrained by anticipated revenues. FWTAMMP focuses on the magnitude of unmet transportation needs for the region and provides decision-makers with a better feel for the quantity of additional funding needed.

The 2006 TMMP continues the work that was begun in 2004, and will culminate with the development of a final report which will be transmitted to the Texas Transportation Commission and will serve
as a platform for future funding discussions statewide.

2006 TMMP - Presentation at Public Meetings, June 2006 [PDF]

TMMP Report, September 2006 [5.40MB, PDF]

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