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Regional Freight System

Freight North Texas

In 2010, the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) began a comprehensive study of the region’s freight system. Freight North Texas: The North Central Texas Regional Freight System highlights, policies, programs, and projects that are needed to improve freight planning and operations in the region. Advancing the freight initiatives identified in this study can provide the region with many benefits, including improved safety, mobility, and air quality.

This report includes an analysis of the current state of the system as well as a needs assessment for future policies, programs, projects, and studies.  A synopsis of the Regional Freight System Inventory can be found in the Executive Summary. The summary highlights the freight modes of transportation, NCTCOG freight programs, and study recommendations.

North Central Texas Regional Freight System Inventory

Study Recommendations

Study Recommendations were formed after a comprehensive review of the region’s freight facilities,
input from regional freight stakeholders, and a review of the freight modes that serve the region.

  • Collect and manage innovative performancemeasures
  • Coordinate regional freight planning between local governments & freight industry
  • Regional Transportation Council (RTC) approval of regional freight agenda
  • Complete county-level freight scans for all 12 counties within the MPA
  • Conduct a freight summit every two years
  • Publish a regional fact book
  • Publish mode-specific freight fact sheets
  • Publish a quarterly freight news letter
  • Complete follow-up studies recommended in Freight North Texas

Recommended Follow-Up Studies



  • Jeff Hathcock, Principal Transportation Planner
  • Mike Johnson, Transportation Planner

  • Lisa Key, Sr. Administrative Assistant
  • Dan Lamers, Sr. Program Manager

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