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commuter railA variety of transit options are available in the North Texas area. The three main providers are Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), which serves the Greater Dallas area; Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA), which serves the Fort Worth area; and the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA), serving the Greater Lewisville and Denton area. These authorities offer numerous bus routes. DART also operates a light rail line. The Trinity Railway Express, which provides commuter rail service between Dallas and Fort Worth, is jointly implemented by DART and FWTA.

Several employers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region either subsidize their employees' transit rides for their work commute or offer them monthly transit passes at a discounted rate. This is the most common Travel Demand Management program in place in the region. DART, FWTA, and DCTA work closely with area companies to offer this service. This program is beneficial because it:

  • reduces automobile congestion by getting people out of their cars and using transit
  • improves air quality
  • takes the stress out of commuting because transit riders do not have to drive

During the ozone season (which runs from March 1 through November 30) DART, FWTA, and DCTA participate in the Ozone Season Transit Education Initiative, which is an enhanced effort to generate increased participation in trip reduction programs and encourage behavioral changes during ozone season.

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