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Project Details   



Contact Information:

  Name Stephen Murray
  Title/Position City Planner
  Entity City of Fort Worth
  Phone (817) 392-8043

Project Number:  067

Parcel ID(s):  45950-2-B1R

Project Description:  "The proposed site is located on Cherry Lane near the corner of IH-30 and is within the 70 and 65 DNL contours. The applicant is amending the site plan as required by PD-984 for the tract zoned “PD/E” Planned Development for “E” Neighborhood Commercial plus motel; site plan required. This initial case was approved in 2013. The applicant intends to increase the height of the motel and number of parking spaces within the development. The previous site plan contained structures located within easements. The proposed site plan removes these structures but requires amendments to the height and size of the building. The number of rooms will stay the same. The following information describes the differences in the most recently approved and proposed site plan: PD 984 (2013) SP-14-009 Hotel Height: 45 ft., 3 stories 46’6”, 4 stories Hotel Size: 16,989 sf 12,960 sf Parking spaces: 90 120 (numerous parking spaces located within easements) Number of Rooms: 81 81

Date Submitted:  9/23/2014 2:05:18 PM

Deadline for Comments:  10/6/2014

References Comprehensive Plans Zoning Maps
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Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Noise Zones
Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Accident Potential Zones
Land Based Classification Standards
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Lake Worth
River Oaks
Westworth Village
White Settlement
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
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Westworth Village
White Settlement


Name Entity Date Comment
Jack Adkison City of River Oaks 9/26/2014 This seems to be a regular pattern for applicants,they ask for one thing then when they get approval, it's a uh oh ,by the way I really want this. with the zoneing in place now I suppose we need to only be concerned with the noise level and this should be already addressed in more insulation and thicker windows and etc. All this said I have no problems with the new and improved site plan.
Rachel Wiggins Past CPLO at NAS Fort Worth, JRB 10/1/2014 As noted on the original zoning case on this property (RCC Project #050), the addition of a hotel in this noise zone (70+ db DNL) is considered incompatible with base operations and is "strongly discouraged" by the Department of Defense. If this use is constructed, it is strongly encouraged that sound attenuation be included in construction to achieve an indoor sound level not to exceed 45 db DNL. Sound attenuation examples include; the hotel should be constructed with interior entrances and should NOT include through-the-wall a/c units which permit substantial noise leaks directly into each unit/room, and spray-in/foam insulation can offer a more complete sound attenuation solution in exterior walls (when compared to other insulation types). Utilizing the Navy's document "Guidelines for Sound Insulation of Residences Exposed to Aircraft Operations" (available online at:, there are specific recommendations for the minimum STC-ratings for windows in this area, along with roof-ceiling assembly recommendations to maintain an acceptable indoor noise level. In addition, the increased height (and any cranes used during construction) will require coordination through the FAA ( to ensure flight safety, as with all construction near an airfield. Issues related to lighting will be captured via the City of Fort Worth’s updated NAS Overlay program, adopted by the City Council last month.
Brett McGuire City of Lake Worth 10/1/2014 As Rachel pointed out above, I believe that the first time that this project was submitted for review that most of the concerns were regarding the "incompatibility" of the hotel within the 70+ db zone and sound attenuation. I would not think that those concerns and recomendations would have changed in regards to this re-submittal. I too would be a bit concerned with the additional height and the equipment used during construction.
Randy Skinner Tarrant County 10/2/2014 Technically, this land use is not permitted in the 70+ db zone. As with the original zoning case, improvements to this property should include significant sound attenuation.
Norman Robbins Lockheed Martin 10/3/2014 A motel on this property is incompatible with Lockheed Martin flight operations and would not be advantageous from a DoD perspective. Even with sound attenuation improvements, the potential for added noise complaints would exist. Additionally, lighting and the height of equipment associated with construction were also cited by Flight Operations as potential concerns from an operational perspective.

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