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Project Details   



Contact Information:

  Name Stephen Murray
  Title/Position City Planner
  Entity City of Fort Worth
  Phone (817) 392-8043

Project Number:  062

Parcel ID(s):  23245-16-2-04, 23245-16-1A

Project Description:  The project area is located on Lake Worth at Jacksboro Highway. Last year the property was rezoned to PD with an approved site plan. The proposed development includes restaurants, shops, an event center, a boardwalk, beach area, boat slips, and possibly a Ferris wheel. The development is located in the 65 and 70 dnl noise zones of the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (NASJRB). It was determined that the site plan as proposed was consistent with the Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) recommendation, provided there is no permanent outdoor entertainment venue and no residential, assisted living, or hotel uses permitted in the development. Any proposed Ferris wheel or other structure should not exceed the height level that would cause concern by the base, and would be required to complete FAA review for flight safety. The applicant would like to amend the site plan to reflect the following changes: 1. Watercress Drive east of Casino Beach Drive was moved south approximately 220’ so it is adjacent to Track 1 to allow better vehicular access to the entire area. 2. The Restaurant/ Retail Buildings are more along the waterfront rather than having the big courtyard between the restaurants and the waterfront. This was done to accommodate the requests of restaurant leases. 3. The new layout is more efficient and therefore there is more potential building and parking on Track 1. Here is a summary of the changes: A. On the previous Site Plan, Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 totaled 53,000 SF. Buildings 1 and 2 now total 80,000 SF B. There are now 11 covered Boat Slip buildings in lieu of 8 previously. That is because the market analysis indicated there is a market for that. They have been moved closer to shore as worked out with the Water Department. The Developer paid to have the Lake dredged in front of the site so they could be moved in closer to shore. C. The parking required for the entire site increased from 832 to 890 and the parking provided for the entire site increased from 704 to 877. 4. The change in the road layout deleted the “Round About” which deleted the circle notch in Track 1, that changed the Metes and Bound a tiny amount. Therefore, the Legal description was up-dated. 5. The Boardwalk was made a little smaller due to cost the Ferris wheel is not shown on the boardwalk. The future Boardwalk extension shown dashed extends out into the water farther. 6. In the box labeled “Proposed Zoning”, a map was added to label Track 1 and Tract 2 to make it real clear which zoning is where. The wording of the proposed zoning for Track 1 deleted the words “Outdoor sand volleyball” and added “amusement rides” . They found that Sport Club with outdoor volleyball is a very narrow market but they may have a deal with the same people that do the amusement rides at the Stock Show.

Date Submitted:  2/20/2014 1:51:31 PM

Deadline for Comments:  2/27/2014

References Comprehensive Plans Zoning Maps
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Name Entity Date Comment
Rachel Wiggins Past CPLO at NAS Fort Worth, JRB 2/21/2014 Because there are no material changes to the land uses at the development, and because the restrictions on outdoor amphitheater, residential, assisted living, and hotel uses remain in place, there are no new AICUZ concerns with this project. We appreciate the continued coordination on issues related to height, lighting, and any future site plan changes.
Brett McGuire City of Lake Worth 2/21/2014 I believe that the CFW and NAS/JRB had worked out the concerns with AICUZ and this project early in the process. Based upon the written description of the amendments requested to the site plan I don't see any changes that would alter any of the restrictions that have been put in place. Changing the locations of buildings already approved will have no impact. I would be concerned with the height of any proposed Ferris wheel (or roller coaster etc) but it appears that the issue with height, FAA clearance etc has already been addressed. I have no objections.
Jack Adkison City of River Oaks 2/21/2014 This project looks like a go .Thanks to Fort Worth and the developers for understandind the concerns. I have no problem with this.
Suzanne Meason City of Lake Worth 2/24/2014 It appears that the requested changes do not have any impact on what has already been approved with staying in compliance with AICUZ recommendations and concerns of NAS/JRB. Project still appears in compliance and I have no objections.
Norman Robbins Lockheed Martin 2/27/2014 From a Lockheed Martin perspecitive, there does not appear to be any issues that would affect our operations except that the proposed height of the ferris wheel needs to be approved by the FAA to ensure that no interference with air traffic occurs.

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