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RCC Development Review Web Tool - Project Details and Comments

Project Details   



Contact Information:

  Name Stephen Murray
  Title/Position City Planner
  Entity City of Fort Worth
  Phone (817) 392-8043

Project Number:  054

Parcel ID(s):  A 887-2B01, 6079F-1-2

Project Description:  The applicant is requesting a zoning change to “AG” Agricultural for expansion of his ranch and to comply with requirements of a recent Restrictive Easement. The property is zoned for commercial development, but is located in Accident Potential Zone (APZ I) I off of the north end of the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB) and approximately 300 feet from Lake Worth, and therefore the land use and water quality are of concern to both the base and the City. The property is also in the 70 and 75 dnls. Preservation of limited uses on the property is expected to satisfy the surrounding neighbors and property owners, including the NAS JRB Regional Coordination Committee which supports protection of the base and the Lake Worth Regional Coordination Committee which is focused on water quality and quality of life around the lake.

Date Submitted:  7/16/2013 1:54:16 PM

Deadline for Comments:  8/9/2013

References Comprehensive Plans Zoning Maps
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Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Accident Potential Zones
Land Based Classification Standards
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Lake Worth
River Oaks
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White Settlement
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
River Oaks
Sansom Park
Westworth Village
White Settlement


Name Entity Date Comment
Brett McGuire City of Lake Worth 7/16/2013 Sounds perfectly in-line with the goals of the RCC. I have no objections.
Randy Skinner Tarrant County 7/16/2013 This change will be compatible with Base operations. No objections.
Rachel Wiggins Past CPLO at NAS Fort Worth, JRB 7/22/2013 This property, formerly owned by TxDOT, was recently sold to a private entity. During the transaction, the buyer agreed to work with the City of Ft Worth to place a restrictive use easement on the property to ensure no incompatible development at this APZ location. Following up with a re-zoning to the more compatible AG designation is an excellent additional step to ensure that the land is not used in a manner which is incompatible with base operations. NAS Ft Worth JRB appreciates the efforts of the City of Ft Worth to act quickly to protect this land through a creative partnership.
Jack Adkison City of River Oaks 7/23/2013 I see no problem with this,lots of work and planning in advance helped.
Dave Gattis City of Benbrook 8/1/2013 No objection.

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