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Project Details   



Contact Information:

  Name Joe Ashton
  Title/Position Councilmember
  Entity City of River Oaks
  Phone (817) 246-4971 ext. 266

Project Number:  052

Parcel ID(s):  46170-2

Project Description:  This is a new hotel planned for 7801 Scott St. Staff has met with both the property owner and Rachel Wiggins with the Naval Air Station, and while it is located in the 70 db noise contours, it is compatible with current Corridor Commercial zoning. The property owner is aware of and has agreed to follow noise attenuation methods to alleviate potential sound issues with hotel guests.

Date Submitted:  7/5/2013 11:04:41 AM

Deadline for Comments:  7/12/2013

References Comprehensive Plans Zoning Maps
Website Usage Tips
Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Noise Zones
Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Accident Potential Zones
Land Based Classification Standards
Tarrant Appraisal District (Property Search)
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
River Oaks
Westworth Village
White Settlement
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
River Oaks
Sansom Park
Westworth Village
White Settlement


Name Entity Date Comment
Suzanne Meason City of Lake Worth 7/9/2013 I would say as long as it is compatible and communication is taking place between the developer, City, and JRB-NAS operations for the sound attenuation measures, then the development should be fine.
Rachel Wiggins Past CPLO at NAS Fort Worth, JRB 7/11/2013 This project is located in the 70+ dB DNL noise contour. In this zone, DOD strongly discourages residential uses, including hotels. However, we understand that the property is already zoned for this use and it can be built by right. Therefore, DOD's recommendations focus on maximizing compatibility. We recommend that sound attenuation be included in the design, including: that the hotel be constructed with interior entrances, that no pass-through a/c units be included in the exterior walls (as these cause major noise leaks into each room), that spray in/foam insulation be used, and that specific window and roof/ceiling assembly treatments be used as noted in the Navy's sound attenuation guidelines at: In addition, due to the proximity of this project to the end of the runway, the structure may require coordination with FAA to review height. We would also request that the use of any LED lighting at the site be coordinated with the installation during the planning phase. We have been in coordination with City staff for the past four months throughout this planning phase and appreciate the opportunity to highlight our concerns.
Norman Robbins Lockheed Martin 7/11/2013 Additional hotel/motel development within the noise contours is not optimum from an operational perspective in terms of possibly resulting in noise complaints. If the project progresses, noise attenuation would be a necessity. Lockheed Martin would also want to make sure that any lighting/signage also be compatible with air operations.

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