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Project Details   



Contact Information:

  Name Jocelyn Murphy
  Title/Position Planning Manager
  Entity City of Fort Worth
  Phone (817) 392-6226

Project Number:  044

Parcel ID(s):  23245-16-2-04

Project Description:  Casino Beach Partners LLC, in association with Patterson Equity, has requested a rezoning to a PD for the Casino Beach entertainment complex. The project area is located on Lake Worth at Jacksboro Highway. The proposed development includes restaurants, shops, an event center, a boardwalk, beach area, boat slips, and possibly a ferris wheel. The primary part of the development will be located on property that will be sold to the developer, and the remainder of the developed and undeveloped land will remain city parkland. The city is participating in the development through a 380 agreement which will assist the developer with road and utility construction. The NAS CO has been involved in the review process and discussion and consideration was made for noise concerns. No residential, assisted living, or hotel uses are permitted in the development. Any proposed ferris wheel or other object with height shall not exceed any height level as reviewed by the base.

Site plan

Date Submitted:  12/17/2012 4:53:40 PM

Deadline for Comments:  1/3/2013

References Comprehensive Plans Zoning Maps
Website Usage Tips
Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Noise Zones
Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Accident Potential Zones
Land Based Classification Standards
Tarrant Appraisal District (Property Search)
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
River Oaks
Westworth Village
White Settlement
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
River Oaks
Sansom Park
Westworth Village
White Settlement


Name Entity Date Comment
Jack Adkison City of River Oaks 12/17/2012 When you live on the west side around the base, noise becomes secondary to the sound of freedom. We have never crawled into a hole when aircraft had an engine run up or take off and landings.You learn to live with it. The CO did a great job in letting us experience the sound at the site and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. With thecurrent zoning laws and some sound insulation for any buildings,it should not be any worse than the current swimming , fishing and watersking we presently do in that area. I have no problem as long as the contractors understand this unique area.
James Hoelke Lockheed Martin Aeronautics 12/20/2012 No issues as long as the proposed ferris wheel stays below the required height by NAS JRB and Lockheed Martin aircraft operating in the area.
Rachel Wiggins Past CPLO at NAS Fort Worth, JRB 1/2/2013 The City and Casino Beach Partners LLC have worked diligently with the base to address a variety of concerns related to this development. In summary: most of the proposed uses are compatible with the base's operations assuming that sound attenuation is incorporated into the structures. However, two incompatibilities remain on this site plan iteration: 1. The inclusion of an outdoor amphitheater/music shell/ (defined as a stage with a fenced area for seating) or public assembly is not compatible with military operations in the area. The developer has agreed to reduce this usage to an outdoor pavilion in a non-fenced area (not yet shown in this site plan iteration). In addition, the developer has agreed that for any pay events that may take place on the property, signage will be posted alerting attendees that if their experience is disturbed by the sound of aircraft operations, a 100% ticket refund will be granted by the developer/owner. 2. No residential uses are considered compatible here. The zoning suggested for Parcel 1 would allow nursing homes and hotels which the City has agreed to eliminate ahead of the zoning case being heard. Continued coordination related to height, lighting, and miscellaneous issues will help to ensure that the development as constructed will be compatible with military operations in the area.
Jocelyn Murphy City of Fort Worth 1/2/2013 The amphitheater was errantly included in this description and is not a permitted use nor part of the zoning case.

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