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RCC Development Review Web Tool - Project Details and Comments

Project Details   



Contact Information:

  Name Suzanne Meason
  Title/Position P&Z Administrator
  Entity City of Lake Worth
  Phone 817-255-7922

Project Number:  041

Parcel ID(s):  A 188-2K01, A 188-2K

Project Description:  This is a land use and site plan approval for an existing building within the city limits. The potential property owner is wanting to use it for an Office/Vehicle Service and Sales, which is what the property was previously used for. This property has no approved site plan so one is being required since the property was vacant for more than 6 months. Property is located at 6800 & 6804 Lake Worth Blvd. Legal Description - Abstract 188, Tract 2K and 2K01, John Breeding Survey

Date Submitted:  8/16/2012 5:52:15 PM

Deadline for Comments:  8/21/2012

References Comprehensive Plans Zoning Maps
Website Usage Tips
Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Noise Zones
Suggested Land Use Compatibility in Accident Potential Zones
Land Based Classification Standards
Tarrant Appraisal District (Property Search)
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
River Oaks
Westworth Village
White Settlement
Fort Worth
Lake Worth
River Oaks
Sansom Park
Westworth Village
White Settlement


Name Entity Date Comment
Rachel Wiggins Past CPLO at NAS Fort Worth, JRB 8/20/2012 This automotive/retail site (SLUCM 55) is located within the 70+ db where such a use is considered compatible provided that 25 db of noise level reduction is included in the site. It is also located within APZ-II where the use is conditionally compatible based on density (maximum FAR of 0.28). Given the existing nature of this land use, the site plan is considered "conditionally compatible" with base operations and there are no further recommendations from NAS Ft Worth JRB.
Norman Robbins Lockheed Martin 8/21/2012 There should be no operational difficulties with this land use.
Jocelyn Murphy City of Fort Worth 8/21/2012 Agreed. As an existing auto sales and service use, the density of employees or customers at the site should be minimal, which is a consideration within the APZ.
Dave Gattis City of Benbrook 8/21/2012 The office portion is in the 70 dB range and is marginally compatible. I agree that sound attenuation be included, particularly since this has been vacant and is now being used again. The auto sales and service appears compatible, but the aerial photo appears to show a FAR greater than the 0.28 recommended. Given that the building already exists, I would have no objection for its use for auto sales and service.

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