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NAS Fort Worth, JRB Regional Coordination Committee

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The Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Joint Reserve Base (NAS Fort Worth, JRB) Regional Coordination Committee (RCC) and Joint Land Use Study
(JLUS) implementation efforts are an initiative of the cities of Benbrook, Fort Worth, Lake Worth, River Oaks, Sansom Park, Westworth Village, and
White Settlement in conjunction with Tarrant County. These efforts were initiated out of a realization that urban development may have a long-term
impact on the installation's ability to sustain its military training mission.

Recognizing the land use constraints and development pressure surrounding the installation, a Joint Land Use Study was initiated in 2006 by
the base, the communities, and the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) to identify actions needed to enable the continued
coexistence of the installation and the communities. Several recommended initiatives were developed as an outcome of the JLUS process,
including a recommendation to form a NAS Fort Worth, JRB Regional Coordination Committee.  The purpose of the Committee is to develop,
implement, and monitor policies, programs, and projects which improve opportunities to expand operations at NAS Fort Worth, JRB in the next
Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process.

         Regional Coordination Committee Roster   

Regional Coordination Committee Bylaws


Next Meeting:  July 16, 2018, 1:30 p.m.

River Oaks Community Center
5300 Blackstone Drive
River Oaks, TX 76114


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Planning Studies and Resources
Planning for Livable Military Communities
Planning for Livable Military Communities

RCC Transportation Study
      The RCC recently completed a study to address transportation issues in the
      communities surrounding NAS Fort Worth, JRB.

Development Review Website
       A clearinghouse and forum to discuss various project types including parcel-specific zoning
       changes, height obstructions, site plan applications, and special exceptions for requested
       changes in proximity to NAS Forth Worth, JRB.

Public Outreach Compatible Regional Growth

Public Information and Resources

Current Transportation Initiatives

Overview Presentation - August 2017


State Highway 199 Project


State Highway 183 Project


Other Resources
2017 NAS Fort Worth, JRB Regional Coordination Committee Legislative Position

Sound Insulation Guidelines
    Sound Insulation Report   l   Calculate Sound Insulation Needs 

Joint Land Use Study Background


Committee Endorsement of Projects

The Regional Coordination Committee can provide letters of support for local projects that meet certain compatibility and livability considerations. 

Procedure for Evaluating RCC Endorsements of Local Projects

Joint Land Use Study Products

Joint Land Use Study Program at NAS Fort Worth, JRB


NAS Fort Worth, JRB Military Operating Areas and Military Training Routes

Staff Contacts
Amanda Wilson,
Public Involvement Program Manager, (817) 695-9284


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