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bus retrofit  There are many retrofit options on the market today that reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which lead to ground-level ozone formation, and particulate matter (PM).  These products are generally developed for use in heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, and can be installed on trucks and buses, non-road vehicles and equipment, and stationary diesel equipment.  Retrofits are available either as aftermarket add-on devices or as original equipment. 

The most commonly used retrofits reduce PM emissions from diesel engines. Many new diesel engines are manufactured with PM retrofits already incorporated into the engine design in order to maintain compliance with new heavy-duty engine emission standards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

The North Central Texas Council of Governments recommends the use of retrofit technologies that have been verified by the EPA or the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  Both agencies maintain lists of currently verified products, including manufacturers and applicability. 

Additional retrofit Information is available through the following sources:

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