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Marketing Toolkit for Participating Dealerships & Repair Facilities


The following marketing tools are available for your use to print and distribute to your customers. Please contact us at (817) 608-2350 with any questions or concerns regarding the Toolkit or the AirCheck Texas program.


Social Media

Please use the following files when posting to Facebook and/or Twitter:

Social Media Posts [Word]                    Facebook Cover Photo [JPG]         Twitter Cover Photo [JPG]


Website & Logos

             ACT Logo - 5" x 5" [PDF]          ACT Logo [PDF]                                  ACT Logo  [JPG]

             DACM Logo [JPG]                     DACM Logo [PDF] 

            Website Banner 1 [PDF]           Website Banner 2 [PDF] 



             ACT Brochure [PDF]                  Dealer Association Ad [PDF]  

            2017 Flyer Tear Off [PDF]          2017 Flyer [PDF]     

            ACT Mailer Insert [PDF]              ACT Mailer Insert English [PDF]        ACT Mailer Insert Spanish [PDF]     


Newsletter Tools

The link below provides information you can include in newsletters to your customers:

            ACT Newsletter Article [Word]  


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