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Shared Services is the collaboration in the procurement of goods or services for the benefit of all participants. It may include the cooperative purchase of goods or services from external resources or sharing internal resources among multiple organizations to reduce costs and risks associated with a particular program. NCTCOG is involved in a variety of Shared Services initiatives; click on the topic heading for more information.

Shared Services & Cost-Saving Collaboration Deserve Respect [PDF]

The Power of We: Using Shared Actuarial Services to Implement GASB 45 [PDF]

Visit for more information on our cooperative purchasing and shared services opportunities.


Technology Shared Services

Aerial Photography and Digital Elevation Contours
Since 2001, NCTCOG has facilitated the cooperative purchase of high-quality, color, digital aerial photography (orthos) and digital elevation contours for North Central Texas as a cost-sharing objective for local governments.

Enterprise Resources Planning Software and Services
Through a contract with Lawson Software, NCTCOG offers financial, procurement, human resources and payroll software and related services to any government agency.


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