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Transportation Resource Agency Consultation & Environmental Streamlining (TRACES)



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Welcome to the Linking Planning and Environment Resource Agency INFORMation Center. This site is designed to provide timely, up to date, information, pertinent resources, and information regarding the implementation of a Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) regional initiative to improve communication and consultation between environmental resource agencies that are considered stakeholders in the transportation planning process. Furthermore, the aim of this initiative is to reduce, avoid, or mitigate the negative environmental impacts associated with the planning and implementation of transportation projects.


Some of the information provided on this website may not be intended for the public’s viewing until all necessary documentation and public involvement processes have been followed. This site is meant to provide a forum for information exchange, events, and other useful information to establish relationships with resource agencies to help shape a better, more environmentally sound transportation network in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. By working together all agencies with a stake in the environment, including transportation, can produce a more environmentally conscious plan for the region and the public utilizing the built and natural environments.


What’s New - Learn what is new in the DFW TRACES Initiative.


Events - View past or future local, regional, or national events, conferences, workshops, or training opportunties pertaining to Planning and Environment Linkages.


Data - A resource site where data such as databases, conservation plans, resource inventories, etc. may be shared between agencies for the benefit of all


Maps - Maps that relate to this effort may be loaded or retrieved including digital images, aerial photographs, links to available data and information, and completed maps available for review or use by agencies.


Comment Forum - Receive feedback from other agencies, retrieve comments provided by COG, respond to questions/comments


Related Links - A host of related Federal, State, Local links and resources


Account Information - Ensure that NCTCOG has the most current contact information for you or your agency. Email updates or change of contact to Tamara Cook.


If you have any questions while browsing this website please contact Tamara Cook at (817) 695-9221 or

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