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Non-NCTCOG Employee Travel Reimbursement

To be reimbursed for pre-approved, eligible travel, complete the Overnight Travel Voucher (OTV) or Non-overnight Mileage and Miscellaneous Travel Voucher (NOTV).

Non Overnight Travel for Non Employees

Overnight Travel for Non Employees

W-9 form

When filling out the applicable travel form:

1) NCTCOG must have a copy of your W-9 on file in order to reimburse for travel. Turn in a copy with your reimbursement request if not already provided.

2) Calculate any mileage using Google Maps (include maps with OTV or NOER). Attach a copy of the printed route, including mileage, with your reimbursement request.

3) Attach detailed receipts including hotel and meals (showing line item detail of everything purchased to eat or drink by the individual). Attach all receipts taped on all four sides to a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet of white paper and labeled as “breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack” and the date/time of purchase. Group receipts by date and label for easier processing.

a. Please note: NCTCOG does not reimburse for alcohol purchases or tips/gratuities.

b. The per diem is calculated based on the U.S. General Services Administration. ( If the rate for your destination is not included on the GSA list, a maximum reimbursable rate for lodging shall be consistent with the standard CONUS rates provided by the GSA.

c. Ask for the government rate on hotel stays (if applicable).

d. NCTCOG reserves the right calculate the meals and incidental expenses for the first and last day of travel at seventy-five percent (75%) per GSA guidelines.

e. NCTCOG will only reimburse eligible expenses with corresponding receipts up the to the GSA per diem rate.

For information or to submit your completed form and documentation, please contact Vanessa Hooker.

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