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Regional Watershed Protection and Water Resource Management Initiatives

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Managing watersheds in North Central Texas is important to maintain or improve water quality, reduce flooding and other hazards associated with water flows, and improve or maintain open space availability and habitat quality.

There are many miles of streams and rivers in our region. The goal of the regional watershed protection initiatives is to reduce flooding, meet or exceed state water quality standards, and link greenways for improved ecological benefits and provide recreational and mobility opportunities for residents.

To achieve these goals, NCTCOG coordinates with local governments and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to improve watershed protection. Several programs exist to address water quality and quantity challenges in North Central Texas including:

Trinity River COMMON VISION Program: Local governments along the Trinity River partner to improve floodplain management along the Trinity River.

Regional Stormwater Management Program: The local governments within the urbanized areas of North Central Texas are committed to implementing a cooperative and comprehensive program to manage stormwater quality issues affecting the region.

Integrated Stormwater Management: More than 60 local governments are cooperating to proactively create sound storm water management guidance for the region through the integrated Stormwater Management (iSWM) project.

Water Resources Management: Initiatives to address water supply, water quality, and water conservation in North Central Texas.

Total Maximum Daily Load Program: The TMDL Program supports efforts to address water quality challenges such as bacteria and polychlorinated biphenyl (PBC) in North Texas waters.

Texas SmartScape: Texas Smartscape encourages landscaping with native and adapted plants to promote water conservation and improve stormwater quality. Visit the SmartScape website for a searchable database of native plants, landscaping techniques, and other SmartScape resources.

Greenprinting: Greenprinting is a systematic approach for identifying areas that offer the highest conservation benefit for water quality protection and other regional resource priorities.

Regional Ecosystem Framework: The Regional Ecosystem Framework (REF) is a geographic information systems based tool that can be used to evaluate 10 Vital Ecosystem Information Layers focused on three central eco-logical parameters: Green Infrastructure, Water Considerations, and Ecosystem Value.

Cease the Grease North Texas: The North Texas Grease Abatement Council, is an educational partnership between NCTCOG, municipalities, and water utilities in the North Texas region. The group educates the public about wastewater system challenges associated with single-use products such as wipes and impacts of fats, cooking oils, and grease in the sewer system.





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