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Regional Ecosystem Framework

NCTCOG has established a Regional Ecosystem Framework (REF) for North Texas. The REF is based on a collaboratively developed vision of desired future conditions that integrates ecological, economic, and social factors (Eco-Logical).

NCTCOG has clustered more than 300 subwatersheds (HUC12), delineated by the USDA – NRCS, into 21 "Regional Watersheds." See the map below. We have further organized these watersheds into three groupings—“river,” “lakes,” and “surrounding" watersheds. The “river" watersheds drain to the Trinity River for the urban area, the “lakes” watersheds drain to major water supply lakes of the Upper Trinity, and the “surrounding” watersheds drain to lakes or rivers surrounding the Upper Trinity."Watershed Connections" flyer

The REF is the "umbrella" framework for a variety of regional initiatives, such as:

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21 Regional Watersheds

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21 Regional Watersheds map
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