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Upper Trinity River Basin Coordinating Committee

Upper Trinity River Basin-Wide Approach to Address Bacterial Impairments in the Upper Trinity River Basin Coordinating Committee.


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August, 2018

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February 15, 2018

9:30 am - 11:30 am
Regional Forum Room, NCTCOG
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May 20, 2015



Through the 303(d) Vision project, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension with a team of partner organizations and stakeholders is initiating a seven year effort to address bacterial impairments in basin 0805 and those impaired sub-segments of the Trinity River. The first phase of this effort will include: conducting education and outreach programs to raise water quality awareness of citizens, future stakeholders in the basin, gathering and analyzing existing data, and evaluating the utility of the new EPA tool, Recovery Potential Screening (RPS). RPS provides a systematic approach for comparing waters or watersheds and identifying differences in how well they may respond to restoration. RPS offers a flexible framework of methods, tools, technical information, and instructional examples that can be customized for any impaired waters restoration program in any geographic locality. A literature database and examples of previous RPS projects are also provided. RPS does not label any watershed as definitely unrestorable or restorable; it is a comparative, decision support tool that estimates relative differences in restorability. More information can be found at . The second phase of the effort will be implementation of needed strategies in these impaired basins.


Communities and regional stakeholders can download the impaired and concerned segments below. Note, these are KMZ files for use with Google Earth.

Download KMZ Files


Project Focus Area:

303(d) Vision Project regional groups of primary subwatersheds in the Upper Trinity River watershed.




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