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Stormwater Education

Fish trying to breathe in polluted water
A survey conducted in the Upper Trinity Basin reveals that 89% of North Texans still believe that industry is to blame for pollution in our waterways, not recognizing that their own daily activities contribute to water pollution. Local governments are required to educate the public about stormwater pollution and the actions that they can take to reduce or prevent stormwater runoff pollution in their homes, in their communities, and throughout the region.

The Stormwater Public Education Task Force (PETF) is a sub-group of NCTCOG's Regional Stormwater Management Coordinating Council (RSWMCC). The PETF provides a forum for stormwater professionals from local governments to share ideas, pool resources, and create a unified regional message about how citizens and municipalities can help prevent stormwater pollution.

For past meeting summaries, agendas, presentations, and PETF participation information, click here.


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