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Pollution prevention, or P2, is any practice that eliminates or reduces pollution at its source. P2 is achieved through material substitutions, process changes and more efficient use of resources. Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping is one of the six measures the operator of a Small MS4 is required to include in its stormwater management program.

Pollution prevention measures, as applied to local government operations, can result in multiple benefits:

  • Cost savings in production, materials and disposal
  • Increase public awareness of local water quality issues
  • Create safer working conditions for city/county staff, and
  • Your community leads by example, encouragng local businesses to implement their own pollution prevention measures.

NCTCOG Resources

Template for Municipal Pollution Prevention BMP Posters - A template for 13 tabloid (11" x 17") posters to help train municipal employees about stormwater pollution prevention and best management practices (BMPs). Cities can customize the template with their appropriate text, contacts, logos, etc. (Note: Internet Explorer users must "Save" file then open from their computer. Firefox users may "Open" file directly from here.)
Compilation of Selected Standard Operating Procedures - A Resource for Stormwater Phase II Communities in North Central Texas
Self-Audit Guidebook Template
Training for Municipal Employees: Preventing Stormwater Pollution - What We Can Do Video, Poster and Training Modules
Training the Trainer workshop and materials

EPA Resources

Fact Sheet on Phase II Pollution Prevention Minimum Measure [PDF]
Pollution Prevention BMPs for Municipal Operations

TCEQ Resources

TPDES Stormwater Permitting for MS4s
Preventing Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Guide to Pollution Prevention for Small Business
Small Business and Local Government Assistance


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