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SEE Less Trash Program

Disposal Options - Assuring Capacity for Trash

In 2000, the state reported landfill disposal had reached a high of 28.6 million tons statewide, which is equal to 7.52 pounds per person per day. This leaves a remaining capacity of Texas landfills at 31.6 years. In the North Central Texas region, there is an estimated 38 years of lifetime remaining for existing landfills, assuming equal access. This remaining lifetime is greatly affected by the continued population and economic growth in the region and the use of landfills as the primary disposal option. Considering this data, it is expected that a number of communities will be facing challenges in their capacity needs in the near future.

Currently the Assuring Capacity for Trash subcommittee of the Resource Conservation Council, chaired by Vance Kemler, City of Denton, provides guidance to program activities and performs review and comments on facility applications.


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