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Materials Management

In 2015, the Texas Commision on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) reported that annual landfill disposal reached approximately 33.5 million tons of waste across the state of Texas, equal to 6.67 pounds per Texan per day. In the North Central Texas region alone, 9.6 million tons of waste were disposed of in landfills in 2015, the highest out of 24 different regions, accounting for almost 30% of the state's total waste. If allowed to continue at this rate, the 21 active North Central Texas landfills have a remaining capacity of only 38 years. This lifetime is greatly affected by continued population and economic growth across the state, and the use of landfills as a primary disposal option. Considering this data, it is expected that a number of communities will face challenges regarding municipal solid waste (MSW) in the near future (TCEQ, 2015).

The NCTCOG Materials Management Program works together with the Resource Conservation Council, cities, counties, school districts, and other entities to update the Regional Materials Management Plan and also to enact programs such as Time to Recycle, Report DFW Dumping, among many others, to help inform and encourage citizens to rethink waste.

Located below are links to provide insight, background, and available resources to the steps the NCTCOG Materials Management Program is taking to ensure the longevity of the North Central Texas landfills and the health of our citizens.


Regional Materials Management Plan
Closed Landfill Inventory
Source Reduction, Recycling, and Proper Disposal
Illegal Dumping
Resource Conservation Council (RCC)
Materials Management Grants
Trainings, Workshops, and Resources




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