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Public Works Roundup - April 17, 2008

Public Works RoundupPresentations from the 9th Annual Public Works Roundup Held at the La Quinta

Attendee List | Agenda

Regional Public Works Program
John Promise and Audra Valamides, NCTCOG [PDF]

SEE Less Trash - Recycling Programs for Public Works
Kathleen Graham, NCTCOG and Scott Pasternack, RW Beck [SWF]

TWDB: Funding Sources You Never Knew Existed
George Jones [SWF]


TCEQ: New General Construction Permit Overview
Brent Candler, TCEQ [SWF]

TIP and 121 Toll Revenue
Cristie Jestis, NCTCOG [SWF]

Water Costs Sources and the Future
Mike Rickman, North Texas Municipal Water District [SWF]

Air Quality: Local Programs for Local Governments
Carrie Reese, NCTCOG [SWF]


Networking Lunch & Post-Presentation Discussions

Sustainable Region Introduction by John Promise [SWF]

Sustainable Communities
Jack Tidwell, NCTCOG and Karen Walz, Strategic Community Solutions [SWF]

Sustainable Public Rights of Way
Audra Valamides, Jeff Rice, NCTCOG [SWF]

Sustainable Sites and Buildings
Kenneth Calhoun, NCTCOG [SWF]


Soil Stabilization: New Research in How to Extend the Life of Your Pavement
Dr. Anand Puppala, University of Texas at Arlington [SWF]

iSWM and MS4 Permits
Alan Greer, Freese and Nichols and Keith Kennedy, NCTCOG [SWF]

Transportation: Mobility 2030 and Environmental Integration
Mike Burbank, NCTCOG [SWF]
Tamara Hollowell, and John Promise, NCTCOG [SWF]


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