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Municipal Fee Survey

The 2018 Municipal Fee Survey for North Central Texas is available through NCTCOG’s Regional Information Center. The survey data include user fees, service fees, and development fees of participating cities in North Central Texas. The survey was mailed to all NCTCOG member cities and 58 cities responded.

For questions about the survey, contact Lucille Johnson at 817-695-9103. To purchase a copy of the survey, contact Alice Webster at 817-695-9140 or Janet Smith at 817-640-3300. Cost of the survey is $150 for members and $400 for non-members.

NCTCOG members who have purchased a copy of the 2018 Municipal Fee Survey may log in below to download a copy of the survey.

Please enter the username and password supplied by NCTCOG. To purchase a copy of the survey and obtain a username and password, please call 817-695-9140.


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