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Regional 9-1-1 Emergency Number Program Database Coordination

databaseTwo Database Coordinators work to ensure that all telephone customers within the NCTCOG Regional Plan have Enhanced 9-1-1 service through the verification and maintenance of county/municipal street names and address ranges with all applicable telephone companies. Some essential functions of the database coordinators include:

  • Assist county and city representatives in identifying all existing roads within their jurisdiction for the development of a Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) for each jurisdiction.
    Identify emergency service geographic boundaries and assign an emergency service provider number for 9-1-1 routing purposes.
  • Meet with telephone company representatives to identify maintenance and update procedures; interpret database information for multiple telephone companies.
  • Analyze, interpret and manage complex addressing data; travel throughout region to meet with county and city coordinators to obtain physical rural addressing; manipulate data into format required by telephone companies; assist county and city coordinators with their own databases; distribute new county or city data to telephone companies.
  • Investigate Problem Call Reports received from Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) by contacting customer, coordinators or telephone company to determine and correct problems to maintain accuracy of customer records to reflect a valid 9-1-1 physical address.

Contact Information
LeAnna Russell, 9-1-1 Data Supervisor
Phone: 817-695-9206 | Fax: 817-640-7492

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